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Have insanely good focus sessions.

The focus app to find your calm in the chaos and make your work more exciting.

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Find your calm and flow

Enter flow with a single click, see how you're progressing and make your work more exciting.

Visual focus timer

Start the focus timer

Stop multitasking, concentrate better, and allow short breaks to keep your energy up.

Focus music

Turn on focus tunes

Find your flow with soothing tunes! Enhance focus and enable tranquility.

Focus coach

Stay on track with the coach

Get encouraged and finish on time. Even when you "just need to finish this last thing".

Slack integration

Mute Slack

Enjoy uninterrupted focus while we handle Slack for you.

Focus stats

See how you're progressing

Gain insights into your focus sessions and achieve peak performance.

Streaks & Levels

Make it exciting

Build streaks, level up and make your work more exciting.

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Loved by top performers...

WorkCalmly helps top performers all around the world to find focus and calmness in the greatest chaos.


The make or break for a productive day!

It's really beneficial for me in structuring my day and tracking my progress. The music is soothing, and the coach encourages me to take regular breaks.


Dorothea Neumann

BSc. Psychology


Go-to tool for daily focus at work

This isn't a app for making to-do lists. It's a simple tool that helps you see the progress you've made. The coach is like a friendly alarm to remind you to stop working too much.


Jose Trave

Product Designer

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Free during Beta! 🌱

We're expecting to move out of Beta mid 2024.

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Visual focus timer ⏱️
Focus enhancing music 🎧
Encouraging Coach 🏋️
Mute Slack 🔕
Focus time analytics 📊
Streaks & Levels 🏆
Pomodoro mode (coming soon)
Weekly reflection (coming soon)
Calendar integration (coming soon)
No Credit Card Required

Go and have an insanely good focus session!

No Credit Card Required